PUZZLE. Coming to Dubai.

Duration 30 min. + 15 min. (activities with audience)
Venue Sima Performing Arts, , Alserkal Avenue, Unit 38, Al Quoz, Str. 17, simaarts.com

Purchase tickets on 800tickets.com or meraticket.com. Ticket price 165 AED for 1 adult + 1 child. Other options available.

PUZZLE is performance of a dance company DANSEMA, who creates dance performances for children based on scientific research of their psychological and physiological development. The performance was presented in multiple festivals, such like Edinburgh Fringe, and toured in various countries: UA, UK, Germany, Poland, Ireland, Denmark, China, Japan, South Korea and many others.

Choreographer Birutė Banevičiūtė
Dancers Giedrė Subotinaitė, Mantas Stabačinskas, Marius Pinigis Music Rasa Dikčienė
Costume design Birutė Banevičiūtė
Light design Aurelijus Davidavičius

Video courtesy of Dance theatre DANSEMA.


About the performance

How does surrounding world look like for a small child? Is it round or angular, yellow or blue? Or maybe oblong green, hollow, but soft?

World cognition of a child in first years begins from a variety of shapes and colours. Famous Lithuanian choreographer Birutė Banevičiūtė and dancers put these coloured shapes together as a puzzle and recognizable vegetables – carrot, tomato, cucumber, and sometimes unrecognizable mushrooms, fruits and flowers appear. During the performance traveling through child’s developmental stages, dancers as children under one crawl, creep, bounce, as two years old child walk, run, clap, as at the age of three – gallop, hide and turn. These children’s movements accompanied by specially created music suitable for children age of 0-3 years.

The performance manages to capture the attention of young audience perfectly: the three performers explore a simple range of colours – red, orange, green, yellow and blue, using fun shapes and movements.“Using plenty of eye contact and exaggerated facial expressions, the performers are able to fully engage all of the children in the room – I was totally impressed with the level of attention in the space and the lack of noise – they were all completely mesmerized”, says Donald Stewart from Edinburgh Fringe 2015.

About the Dance Theater Company Dansema

Dansema Dance Theatre is the first in Lithuania professional dance theatre which started to create dance performances for children. Since it was established in 2007, Dansema Dance Theater successfully performed in numerous festivals and venues in Croatia, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Turkey, Malta, Latvia, Estonia, Palestine, Ukraine, Japan, UK, US, China, India, Singapore. Just in 2019 Dansema visited festivals in Ireland, Poland, Denmark, for the fifth time toured in China and had an intensive tour in Japan, where they showed 20 performances in five cities.  Dansema’s performances have been nominated and awarded by Lithuanian Ministry of Culture as the best children performances of the year 2012 and 2015.

About Birutė Banevičiūtė

The founder and artistic director of Dansema  Birutė Banevičiūtė is a choreographer, a professor of dance education, doctor-of-social sciences and a dance teacher. She studies dance, improvisation and composition at Vilnius University (Lithuania).  In addition, she learned dance pedagogy in the US, UK, Austria, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Poland. As dance education scholar, she gives seminars and workshops for children, dancers, choreographers, dance teachers nationally and internationally. At Dansema Dance Theater Birutė has created performances „Head in the Clouds“ (2009), „Creation of the World“ (2010), „Puzzle“ (2012), „Miracles“ (2014), „Colourful games“ (2015), „Twinkles“ (2016), „Meadow“ (2019), „Watchmaker“ (2019). These works have been shown at various international dance festivals all over the world.

Press reviews

“Puzzle” is performance created with deep wisdom step by step taking infants towards joy of cognition”. (www.dance.lt)

“There is a simplicity, joy, energy and beauty to which every child responds with glee. Overall I more than liked it and would recommend anyone with a child under 3 catch it before it goes back to Lithuania” (http://fringereview.co.uk/review/edinburgh-fringe/2015/puzzle/).

“I can vouch for how successfully Dansema’s work travels abroad. Each is a treat.” (The Times Scotland)

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