Dance performance 
for children 0-3

PUZZLE is a performance of a dance company DANSEMA, who creates dance performances specifically for children. The performance was presented in multiple festivals, such like Edinburgh Fringe, and toured in various countries: US, UK, Germany, Poland, Ireland, Denmark, South Korea, China, Japan and many others.


Stabea Art Cell is passionate about bringing to you exciting, innovative and thought-provoking performing arts experiences from around the globe to Dubai, U.A.E. We aspire to fill in the gap of high-level artistic performances, which offer a broad spectrum of creative expressions and genres.

Our main objective is to add to cultural and social value to society. Artistic excellence stands as the main criterium for our selection. We want to feed the hunger of artistic performances in Dubai and stimulate the community’s social development through art.

Stabea Art Cell presents national, regional and international contemporary dance and theatre works for audiences of all ages – from babies to seniors. We thrive to ensure that art is accessible and speaks to all social and cultural groups.